072: Crushing the Devil (Romans Series #32: Rom. 16)

In this final triumphant chapter of Romans, Paul shares admonitions and words of encouragement, and even a promise: “The God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.” Pastor Hollandsworth shares three paradoxes from this promise and demonstrates from the epistle of Ephesians how believers are to claim and apply the promise, thereby experiencing victory over the supernatural realm of Satan.

068: Rules for Revolutionizing Home and Church (Romans Series #28: Rom. 12:9-21)

What would happen if Christian homes and churches were suddenly filled with love, joy, and peace? Pastor Hollandsworth shares fourteen God-given rules from Rom. 12 that, if obeyed by God’s grace, would revolutionize homes and churches.

055: Birth of a New Age (Romans Series #18: Rom. 8:19-25)

A new age is coming! Satan and his echelon will be deposed, and God’s three firstborn sons will ascend to the throne in their stead. Pastor Hollandsworth identifies the firstborn sons, explores the birthing metaphor Paul uses to describe their ascension to power, and describes the glories of the new age.