Kingdom Inheritance

059: Yearning for Israel’s Salvation (Romans Series #20: Rom. 9:1-3)

Martin Luther was heavily antisemitic, and his beliefs about Israel led to replacement theology. In contrast, Paul wishes himself to be accursed so that Israel will be saved and fulfill the prophecies. What is this “salvation,” and what does it mean to be “accursed?” Pastor Hollandsworth answers these questions, demonstrating that Israel’s salvation is critical to the salvation of all humanity.

052: “Cancel Culture” Within Christianity

After 22 years of broadcasting sermons on, Pastor Hollandsworth’s account was abruptly terminated, because they objected to his views on salvation. Hear their reasons, as Pastor Hollandsworth shares how the sermons will be hosted going forward. Also, in this brief episode, he laments over the question, “Why do Christians ‘cancel’ other Christians?”