070: Every Knee Shall Bow (Romans Series #30: Rom. 14)

The Jewish believers in the church at Rome were finding it difficult to let go of their Jewish identifiers – dietary restrictions and observance of sabbaths and feast days. Paul refers to them as “weaker” brethren. The Gentile believers, on the other hand, were not bound in this manner, but were free in Christ, so Paul refers to them as “stronger” brethren. Pastor Hollandsworth explains that they were to accommodate one another, in light of the coming Judgment Seat and the ultimate salvation of all mankind.

046: Not the Hell You Might Think

The English word “Hell” should never have been used in English translations of the New Testament, because it conveys the wrong meaning of the Greek words Hades and Gehenna, which should have been transliterated. Pastor Hollandsworth gives the correct meaning of these words and shows what a profound difference it makes in the study of Scripture.

041: Depart From Me!

Are we to inspect the “fruit” of professing believers to determine if they are truly saved? Pastor Hollandsworth discusses this frequently misunderstood concept, reveals the identity of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and describes who will hear the awful verdict, “Depart from Me!”

036: Rewards for Secrets

What is your motivation for doing good deeds? Is it to be recognized by others? If so, then you have already received your reward. Pastor Hollandsworth reveals what Jesus said about doing things privately, so that you can be rewarded by Him publicly, in the age to come.

035: Righteous Inside and Outside

When teaching His disciples, Jesus emphasized the importance of internally obeying the spirit of the law rather than merely externally obeying the letter of the law. Pastor Hollandsworth explains the six examples given by Jesus of the righteousness that is necessary for inheriting the kingdom of the heavens.